Virtual Fitness


StreamFit is the worlds most advanced virtual fitness platform. We have worked with top CrossFit Games Athletes to create a product that brings the fitness community together, when they can’t be together. Check out specific benefits below for Athletes and Coaches.

So many features

Host LIVE Classes

A zoom-like experience with timers, scoring membership management.

Movement Videos

Full library of movement videos for your athletes to use as reference.

Private Voice Chat

Send a private voice message to anyone that is LIVE on the workout.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Record your classes and sell them later as On-Demand.

Screen Sharing

Allow athletes to share their screen during the workout.

Spotify Integration

Use your premium Spotify account to connect to your favorite music.

Built in Timers

Create custom timers to display to everyone LIVE or On-Demand.

Score Keeping

Track PRs, Benchmarks and other workout related data.

Highlight User Videos

Showcase a specific athlete through highlighting feature.


Brighton, Mi

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