Welcome to StreamFit Onboarding

If you have already been through onboarding, please scroll down to view helpful documents and additional videos in our library.


The first session covers the basics of the SETTINGS, DOCUMENTS and MEMBERSHIP features on the StreamFit Platform.

Watch the video then click the PART 2 button below the video.


In the second session we will go indepth into SCHEDULE, PROGRAMMING and MEMBERS. This is the most important peice to complete before rolling out to your members.

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The final session closes with information on FULL SCREEN VIEW, STAFF and COMMUNICATION.

Watch the video and review the help documents and videos below. If you still need help. Please schedule one-on-one at the link below.


Video tutorials not your style?

Schedule a one-on-one with someone from our team and get a hands on training. If you hve already gone through the videos and still need help, you can use the same button to schedule a time to get some help.

Don’t get stuck or frustrated, please let us know how we can help!

Roll Out Documents

Sample Rollout Email

Use this document as a template to inform your members of the change to StreamFit.

Wodify History Export

This document gives directions for exporting PRs/Benchmarks/Workouts from Wodify.

SugarWod History Export

This document gives directions for exporting PRs/Benchmarks/Workouts from SugarWod.

Drop In Wall Poster

Print this out and post at your gym for easy Drop-in set up.

QR Code

A single QR code you can use to share the download app link at anytime.

ACH Set Up Instructions

Directions on how to set up ACH properlty with a member account.

Additional Videos

Click on any video, then click the expand icon in bottom right corner. You can click and drag to make it whatever size you want after that.




Using Partner Programming

Using Your Own Programming



TV Display View

Importing Workout History

Competitions (In Person)

Setting up your Store

TBF Printing Set Up

StreamFit Website

Processor Set Up

Member App (Coaches)

Member App (Athletes)